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VTX - Vertical Trim Saw

Vertical Trim Saw

One platform, mulitple possibilities

Depending on the setup of your VTX, the unique cutting assembly has the ability to process foams using several different cutting implements, including: abrasive fast wire, 3/8IN blade, 3.6MM profile blade or a robust 5/8In Blade on the VPXb 50-88.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • Floor Space Required


Edge-Sweets VTX Vertical Trim Saw, is a revolutionary multi-machine platform capable of processing a wide variety of polyurethane foams. Depending on the model of your VTX, the unique cutting assembly has the ability to process foams using several different cutting implements, including: Abrasive fast wire, 3/8 IN blade, 3.6 MM profile blade or a robust 5/8 IN blade on the VTXb 50-88.

Designed as a high-speed mattress trimmer and rail maker, but capable of much more. Offering a compact multi-use machine design and efficient use of key drive components including full Siemens CNC capabilities on the VTXp 24-88 and the VTXw 36-88

The VTX is a cost effective and advanced vertical trimming band saw for high volume foam fabrication applications.

Common Applications

Mattress / Sleep, Furniture, Upholestry, Marine, Medical

Commonly Processed Materials

Flexible polyurethanes, high resilience foams [HR foam], non-woven fibers, cellulose foams, flexible foams

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VTX Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

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VTX Especificaciones [Descargable PDF][Se abre en ventana nueva]

  • PC Based Operator Terminal
  • Industrial Handheld Remote Control
  • Air-Conditioned Main Control Panel
  • Siemens CNC Motion Controls
  • ESCOView OIT Software
  • Dual-Servo Conveyors
  • Safety Guarding
  • Blade Sharpening System [Blade Models Only]
  • Dust Collection System
  • Air-Conditioned PC Terminal
  • ESCODraw PRO - Advanced Nesting and Cut-Path Generator
  • Large Format Nesting Display System
  • ESCO Clean Blade - Blade Cleaning System for Viscoelastic and Gel Foams [Blade Models Only]
  • 12 FT Positioning Infeed Conveyor

Operator Controls

  • PC Based Operator Terminal mounted to freestanding pedestal
  • Industrial handheld remote control
  • The VTX vertical trim saw can be setup as a standalone machine or configured to function in an automated foam cutting line. The VTX bandsaw may also be configured with synchronized infeed conveyors for processing long blocks or long sheets/rolls of non-woven fiber. Scissor lifts conveyors for loading sheet or blocks of material on the machine.

Cut Assembly

  • Stationary Upper Guide [ALL Models]
  • VTX 24-88 [3/8IN Blade] (Straight Cuts Only)
  • VTXp 24-88 [3.5MM Profile Blade] (Full CNC Profile)
  • VTXw 36-88 [Abrasive Wire] (Full CNC Profile)
  • VTXb 50-88 [5/8IN Blade] (Full-Size Straight Cuts Only)

Power Requirements

  • 380/500 VAC 3-Phase 60 HZ
  • Clean, dry compressed air
Models VTX 24-88 VTXp 24-88 VTXw 36-88 VTXb 50-88
Blade Type 3/8IN Blade 3.6MM Profile Blade Abrasive Wire 5/8IN Blade
Cutting Type Straight Cuts Only Full CNC Profile Full CNC Profile Full-Size Straight Cuts
Cutting Speed 240FT/MIN [73M/MIN] 240FT/MIN [73M/MIN] 65FT/MIN [20M/MIN] 240FT/MIN [73M/MIN]
Cutting Width 88 IN [2235 MM]
Cutting Height 24 IN [610 MM] 24 IN [610 MM] 36 IN [914 MM] 50 IN [1270 MM]
Cutting Length 120 IN [3048 MM]
Floor Space Required
Overall Width 183 IN [4648 MM] 183 IN [4648 MM] 183 IN [4648 MM] 172 IN [4368 MM]
Overall Length 266 IN [6756 MM] 266 IN [6756 MM] 266 IN [6756 MM] 266 IN [6756 MM]
Maximum Height 119 IN [4648 MM] 119 IN [4648 MM] 119 IN [4648 MM] 145 IN [3683 MM]
VPW - Vertical Wire Contour

Vertical CNC Wire Contour

DPW - Dual-Axis Wire Contour

Dual-Axis CNC Wire Contour

PMIII - Horizontal Wire Contour

Horizontal CNC Wire Contour

HPX - Horizontal Blade Contour

Horizontal CNC Blade Contour

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