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Manual Vertical Band Saw

ESCO offers a comprehensive range of manually operated vertical foam band saws to meet the most basic needs of every user to cut, slice and trim flexible polyurethane.

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ESCO has been the industry leader in vertical band saws for over 60 years, offering a wide range of manually operated options to cut, slice, and trim flexible polyurethane (MVX-E) and also rigid foams (MVX-R).

In 2020, ESCO began a redesign of its manual vertical band saws using advanced manufacturing techniques to create a robust universal frame assembly that spans the condensed product line.

The MVX line of manual vertical band saws features notable upgrades; Precision build quality by utilizing advanced CNC forming and laser technologies, aluminum composite table top, a side fence with a digital read-out for making fast precision cuts, 5HP blade drive on all models

With these improvements, the MVX line is poised to dominate the market for another 60 years.

Common Applications

Upholstery, bedding, furniture, packaging, automotive, medical

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR soft foam, PUR rebond foam, viscoelastic, latex and similar flexible foams (MVX-E) Rigid Foams (MVX-R)

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MVX Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • Aluminum composite cutting table
  • Manually operated side fence with lock and digital read-out
  • Position rulers on cutting table
  • Operator controls mounted to cutting table
  • Teflon coated standard blade guide
  • Powered blade-guide assembly
  • 5HP blade motor
  • 24 IN [610 MM] Or 48 IN [1219 MM] Table Side Extension
  • 16 IN [406 MM], 24 IN [610 MM], 36 IN [914 MM] Fence Height Extensions
  • Carter Roller Blade Guide Assembly
  • Two-Way Cut Assembly
  • Powered Upper Guide/Guard Assembly
  • Blade Sharpener + Dust Collector
  • 5 HP Blade Motor
  • Variable Speed Blade Motor
  • Pneumatic Assist Table-Drive
  • Right-Hand Option

Operator Controls

  • Push-button controls mounted to table assembly
  • Manually operated side fence with lock and digital read-out
  • Pneumatic Table-Assist Control Feature [Optional]

Table Assembly

  • Table Height : 28 5/8 IN [727 MM] [standard]
  • Table Surface : Aluminum composite material
  • Side Fence : 8 IN [203 MM] High With Position Lock
  • Fence Rulers : On Table [Both Sides]
  • Table Lengths : 7 FT [2134 MM], 9 FT [2743 MM] Or 11 FT [3353 MM]

Blade Assembly

  • Blade Width : 0.75 IN [19 MM]
  • Blade Thickness : 0.020 IN [0.5 MM]
  • Blade Type : Various, depends on material
  • Blade Guide : Standard teflon coated [MVX-E] or Carter guide [MVX-R]
  • Blade Motor : 5 HP pulley drive
  • Blade Speed : 3100-3200 FPM [945-975 M/MIN]

Power Requirements

  • 230/460VAC 3-Phase 60 HZ
  • All control circuits on 110 V
  • Single Phase Electrics [Optional]
Models MVX-E3 MVX-E4 MVX-R3 MVX-R4
Cutting Height 50 IN [1270 MM] 60 IN [1524 MM] 50 IN [1270 MM] 60 IN [1524 MM]
Cutting Width [Inside Blade] 66 IN [1676 MM]
Cutting Width [Outside Blade] 48 IN [1219 MM]
Cutting Length 7 FT, 9 FT, 11 FT
Floor Space Required
Maximum Height 154 IN [3912 MM] 164 IN [4166 MM] 154 IN [3912 MM] 164 IN [4166 MM]
Maximum Width 132 IN [3353 MM]
Maximum Length 2X Table Length
F-3W - Lab-Scale Manual Vertical

Lab-Scale Manual Vertical

AVX - Automatic Vertical

Automatic Vertical

A-2 Tilt - Tilting Vertical

Tilting Vertical

AV - Automatic Vertical

Automatic Vertical

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