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ESCO Blades
Replacement Blades for all of our saws

ESCO Blades are available for every machine we manufacture, often in multiple different styles suitable for whatever foam type you are cutting.

The benefits of buying your replacement blades directly from the machine manufacturer guarantee that you're recieving a product that has been tried and tested in-house and meets all our our quality standards.

We test cut on every machine with the same style of blade our sales engineers have reccomended for foam type being processed before we release the machine to you.

ESCO Wires
Replacement Wires for all of our saws

ESCO Wires are available for every abrasive wire machine we manufacture. Available in 6 different styles suitable for whatever foam type you are cutting.

We've spent the last decade working with abrasive wire manufacturers to bring you the highest-quality cutting wires for your ESCO machinery. Our customers can purchase replacement wire in confidence knowing that we offer a consistent high-quality cutting wire.

We've also condensed our abrasive wire offering to a specific selection of styles that have been tried and tested on hundreds of our wire machines. We know our cutting wires as well as we know our machinery, so you're guaranteed to recieve a product that perfectly compliments your machinery allowing it to process materials exactly as intended.

Spare Parts
Replacement parts for all ESCO Machinery

Our spare parts section of the website is for clients who need specific parts that wouldn't be covered in our standard wear + tear parts kits.

Need a replacement drive, new carousel vacuum table or stripper guides?

This is where you'll find information regarding specific replacement parts for your ESCO machinery. In an effort to better serve you, we ask that you have machine model number and job number of machinery that is in need of parts. All of this information can be found on the silver ESCO tag mounted to your machine's main control cabinet.


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