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About Edge-Sweets Company

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Capabilities + Industries

For decades ESCO has offered highly specialized machines for cutting and processing polyurethane foams, that are cost effective and reliable. Taking an engineer to order approach with respect to customer projects, ESCO's is unique in its abilities to meet customers’ requirements using modern manufacturing technologies, 3D modeling software and finite element analysis.

Industries Served

Furniture and Upholstery, Bedding, Packaging, Industrial Insulation, Oil and Gas, Building and Construction, Automotive, Marine, Medical, Defense, Mining, Aerospace

Customer Focused

At ESCO we listen closely to our customers’ process needs and we design all of our machinery with that simple principle in mind

Reliable Machinery

ESCO machinery is designed to stand the test of time and your operators. We use only high quality industrial components and build to EU standards

Quality + Affordability

Delivering high performance machinery at an affordable price is a key pillar upon which ESCO is built and our warranty cements that idea.

Edge-Sweets Company

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Edge-Sweets Co is a proud member of
American Chemistry Council


Edge-Sweets Co is a proud member of
Polyurethane Foam Association

Edge-Sweets Co is a proud member of
International Sleep Products Association


Edge-Sweets Co is a proud member of
Polyurethane Manufacturers Association


Química Sagitario

Química Sagitario is our
Mexican partner

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