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ESCO proprietary software gives you the flexibility to do what you want with your parts. We have combined leading technology in a simplified format to give you the ability to create parts, optimally nest them on a sheet, and manage your parts from creation to cutting.

As a part of our software package, we also offer multiple courses for you to master operating your new machinery and software.

Whether you're just learning your new software and machinery, refreshing your operator's skills with the latest features or digitizing a difficult part. We can help.

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  • ESCODraw Training
  • ESCOView Training
  • ESCOWare Training
  • Foamglas┬« Cutting Training
  • Training Documents


ESCODraw gives you all the options you need to plan for your cutting. We allow you to draw your parts, rotate them, mirror them, create arrays, and much more all through our main ESCODraw form.

Available Training Courses

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Digitizing Parts
  • Reversing Cut-Path
  • User Permissions
  • Part Nesting

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ESCOView operator interface software is our easy to use proprietary OIT software with a custom programmed User Interface.

ESCOView boasts a variety of features including;

  • Real-Time tracking of wire/blade location and profile cuts
  • User management and tracking [Lock out certain levels of users from controls, Track who cut what and when]
  • Modern charts for: Cuts, Alarms, Run-Time

Available Training Courses

  • Introduction/Overview


After years of continued development and improvement, ESCO is pleased to offer a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) for managing urethane processing.

Available Training Courses

  • Introduction/Overview


We've taken the time over the last 3-4 years to fine tune our horizontal wire saw and ESCODraw software to make it easier to cut through Foamglas®

Available Training Courses

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Setting Glue-joint lines
  • Adjusting Wire Speed for Cutting Joints
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