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Model 90 - Side Trimmer and Subdivider

Model 90
Side Trimmer + Subdivider

ESCO's Model 90-F side trimmer and subdivider is used with a conveyor and can subdivide a flexible polyurethane bun in up to three individual sections.

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  • Floor Space Required


Legacy machinery is not available for quotation.

Edge-Sweets is currently modernizing our legacy machines utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to offer high-quality, modern machines at a competitive price. Your sales engineer will have more information when legacy machines will be available for quotation again.


The ESCO Model 90 is a 2, 3, or 4 head machine designed to integrate into a conveyor line to trim the edges of foam buns or slab lines. The additional heads allow the user to subdivide the trimmed bun into narrower sections, making this an ideal machine for mattress, packaging, and furniture applications.

Common Applications

Furniture, bedding, mattresses, upholestry, automotive and packaging

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR-ether and polyester, HR, CMHR, viscoelastic, flexible and other similar materials

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Model 90 Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • Push-Button Controls Mounted to Main Control Panel
  • Manual Adjustment and Indexing of Cutting Heads
  • Powered Head Assembly Movement
  • Automatic indexing of each head

Operator Controls

  • Push-button controls mounted to main control cabinet

Head Assembly

  • 2, 3 or 4 Cutting head versions available
  • Powered head assembly movement [Optional]
  • Automatic Indexing of Cutting Head [Optional]

Table Assembly

  • Conveyors Available [Optional]

Blade Assembly

  • Blade Thickness : 0.020 IN [0.5 MM]
  • Blade Width : 0.5 IN [13 MM]
  • Blade Tension : Pneumatic
  • Blade Type : Serrated 14-tooth
  • Blade Guide : Teflon Coated
  • Blade Motor : 3/4 HP [1750 RPM]

Power Requirements

  • 230/460VAC 3-Phase 60 HZ
  • All control circuits on 110 VAC
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
Models 90-F-40 90-F-50 90-F-60
Cutting Height 40 IN [1016 MM] 50 IN [1270 MM] 60 IN [1524 MM]
Cutting Width - Minimum 16 IN [406 MM]
Cutting Width - Maximum 90 IN [2286 MM]
Floor Space Required
Overall Width 65 IN [1651 MM]
Overall Length 2 Heads - 140 IN [3556 MM], 4 Heads - 170 IN [4318 MM]
Maximum Height 108 IN [2743 MM] [Minimum], 130 IN [3302 MM] [Maximum]
AVB - Automatic Blocking Saw

Automatic Blocking Saw

AF - Automatic Cut-Off

Automatic Cut-Off

G50 - Guillotine


SF - Cut-Off

Stationary Cut-Off

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