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Process Development

Process Development

Process development is about improving an organization’s way of working by identifying and creating the most efficient processes that bring the best results. It has several goals: making more efficient use of resources (time, money, raw materials, and work); improving the quality of products, services and data; and serving the needs of the markets.

Our team of qualified process analysts will analyze your current production processes, identifying any areas where improvement can occur. Once production capabilities have been analyzed our process analysts will develop a proposal to modernize and improve existing systems.

Our business had been cutting foam with manual equipment for over 30 years. Having Edge-Sweets analyze our current production capabilities allowed us to increase production capacity by over 40% without having to add any new personnel.

Benefits of Process Development

  • Maximize throughput using conveyorization to minimize handling
  • Automate the order process through foam type and thickness
  • Reduce scrap through auto nesting
  • Reduce overall time between the order desk and finished product

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