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Dispensing Engineering

Dispensing Engineering

ESCO offers fully engineered custom solutions to meet each customer’s system requirements. The Edge-Sweets team can offer fully automated integral skin molding lines and shoe sole liner molding systems to continuous production of molded siding products and more

ESCO also has the ability to integrate robotic arms into many of our molding lines and systems.


Engineered Systems

Taking an engineer to order approach with respect to customer projects, ESCO's is unique in its abilities to meet customers’ requirements using modern manufacturing technologies, 3D modeling software and finite element analysis.

Edge-Sweets is an industry leader specializing in low pressure dynamic polyurethane metering, mixing and dispensing technology. Our high quality low pressure mixing heads are offered in a wide range of flow rates capable of mixing the most demanding PU systems.

Edge-Sweets offers patented solutions for dynamically metering and mixing dry fillers into PU systems. From syntactic elastomeric coatings for deep sea oil pipe to green automotive PU systems that utilize recycled ground tire ESCO has 20+ years of advanced filler processing technology.

Edge-Sweets low-pressure filler fed dispensing technology introduced us to a solution we hadn't previously considered. Their on-site laboratory was paramount in proving their concept, very valuable resource for demonstrating technology to customers.

Edge-Sweets’ on-site laboratory and test facility offers customers the opportunity evaluate both ESCO metering, mixing and dispensing technology as well as to test their polyurethane system on production machinery. ESCO’s lab is invaluable for proving both machinery and the PU system.

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