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SF - Stationary Cut-Off

Model SF
Stationary Cut-Off

The ESCO Model SF is a bi-directional stationary saw used for cutting long polyurethane buns to a specified length.

It is designed to be integrated into a conveyor line where the block is stopped and cut to length, then moved along by the following block.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • Floor Space Required


Legacy machinery is not available for quotation.

Edge-Sweets is currently modernizing our legacy machines utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to offer high-quality, modern machines at a competitive price. Your sales engineer will have more information when legacy machines will be available for quotation again.


The ESCO Model SF Stationary Cut-Off Saw is a bi-directional cross-cut saw designed for use with a conveyor system as a stationary cut-off unit

Common Applications

Furniture, bedding, mattresses, upholestry, automotive and packaging

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR-ether and polyester, HR, CMHR, viscoelastic, flexible and other similar materials

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Model SF Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • Teflon Coated Stripper Guide
  • Manually Operated Side Fences With Lock
  • Push-Button Controls Mounted to Main Control Panel
  • Variable Speed Head Travel
  • Selectable Manual or Remote Operation Via External Trigger
  • Fixed Speed Infeed + Exit Conveyors
  • Variable Frequency Drives For Conveyor Speed Control

Operator Controls

  • Push-button controls mounted to main control cabinet
  • Manually Operated Side Fences With Lock

Head Assembly

  • Separate Motor Returns Assmebly To Starting Position
  • Dual-Direction Cutting

Blade Assembly

  • Blade Thickness : 0.020 IN [0.5 MM]
  • Blade Width : 0.5 IN [13 MM]
  • Blade Type : Serrated Saber Tooth [Abrasive Wire Version Optional]
  • Blade Wheels : Aluminum, Coated with a molded urethane tire
  • Blade Guide : Teflon Coated Stripper Guide [1/4 Turned]

Power Requirements

  • 230/460VAC 3-Phase 60 HZ
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
Models 40-SF 50-SF 60-SF
Cutting Height 40 IN [1016 MM] 50 IN [1270 MM] 60 IN [1524 MM]
Cutting Width Up to 90 IN [2286 MM] Up to 90 IN [2286 MM] Up to 90 IN [2286 MM]
Cutting Speed 720 IN/MIN [18288 MM/MIN] 720 IN/MIN [18288 MM/MIN] 720 IN/MIN [18288 MM/MIN]
Floor Space Required
Maximum Height 138 IN [3350 MM] x 44 IN [117 MM]
Overall Length 108 IN [2743 MM] 120 IN [3048 MM] 128 IN [3251 MM]
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