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Quality Commitment


For decades ESCO has offered highly specialized machines for cutting and processing polyurethane foams, that are cost effective and reliable. Taking an engineer to order approach with respect to customer projects, ESCO's is unique in its abilities to meet customers’ requirements using modern manufacturing technologies, 3D modeling software and finite element analysis.

At ESCO we listen closely to our customers’ process needs and we design all of our machinery with that simple principle in mind. ESCO machinery is designed to stand the test of time and your operators. We use only high quality industrial components and build to EU standards.


Our quality commitment starts with a very simple foundation.

Inspect everything first.

Inspection of incoming parts and assemblies to qualify that they meet the exact technical specifications taken from engineering drawings, is paramount to ensuring parts meet our standard requirements.

This allows us to maintain consistent quality across all of our machinery and avoid any costly and unnecessary reworks.


Testing of our machinery is a standard process before we release any equipment to a client.

We call this process "Machine Runout"

Machine Runout Includes:

  • Checking that all systems are functioning as inteded per client specifications
  • Test cutting of clients' material [Proof of concept video available upon request]
  • Checking machinery for any cosmetic blemishes
  • Custom operator manual specific to machine project number

All of our machinery is designed based off one simple principle.

Listen closely to our customers’ process needs.

This simple principle has created a culture at Edge-Sweets that thrives on continuous improvement. Evident in our all of our proprietary innovations that have Edge-Sweets internationaly recognized as an Industry leader in foam fabrication and polyurethane processing.

We take great pride in the fact that we actively listen to client feedback regarding the capabilities of our machines in a production environment. ESCO machinery is designed to stand the test of time and your operators.

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