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Foam Fabrication Studio

ESCOSuite is the newest addition to the ESCO software library for foam fabricators. This powerful new software suite is packed full of useful tools to streamline your manufacturing processes.

The ESCOSuite software bundle includes: Pipe Nesting, DXF Converter, Straight Cut Generator and Array Generator. More tools to be added in future updates.

  • Overview
  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Technical Specifications


ESCOSuite was designed to compliment existing ESCO software, adding many features that were not available in our standard software. Future updates will include new tools and features.

With ESCOSuite you can easily nest pipe insulation, generate arrays or straight cut-paths and convert DXF files. Allowing fabricators to easily increase productivity while spending less time planning production.

Common Applications

Pipe Nesting, Array Nesting, Straight Cutting, DXF Conversion

Download Documentation

ESCOSuite - PipeNesting - Manual [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

ESCOSuite - ArrayTool - Manual [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • Pipe Nesting [Pipe Insulation Nesting Software]
  • DXF Convert [DXF Conversion Tool]
  • Straight Cuts [Straight Line Cut Path Generator]
  • Array Tool [Array Generator]
  • Additional Software Licenses

Operating System

  • Windows 7+

Pipe Nesting

  • Units [Imperial or Metric]
  • Block Dimensions [Height, Width, Depth]
  • Pipe Dimensions [Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter]
  • Pipe Options [Sectors, Joint Type, Joint Size]
  • Spacing [Wire Diameter, Part Spacing]
  • Vertical or Horizontal Layout

DXF Convert

  • Single or Multiple File Conversion
  • Metric or Imperial Units
  • Status/Error Log

Straight Cuts

  • Bun [X and Y]
  • Rectangle [X and Y]
  • Start [Top or Bottom]
  • Pattern [Normal, Cross Cut, Sheeting]
  • Cutter Thickness
  • Overcut [X and Y]
  • Feedrate [IN/MIN]
  • Border Front
  • Border Back
  • Border Top
  • Border Bottom
  • Trim Cut

Array Tool

  • Input Mode [Rows/Columns or Bun Size]
  • Bun [X and Y]
  • Border [X and Y]
  • Select Size [Rows and Columns]
  • Positioning [Top or Bottom, 0° or 90°]
  • File
  • Parts
  • Extents
  • Feedrate
  • Utilization
  • Options








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