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Cutting Systems

Automated Cutting Systems

Automated Cutting System

ESCO’s Automated Cutting Systems [ACS] is our turnkey modular solution for automating your foam fabrication process without adding personnel.

The ACS is a modular cutting system, that can be expanded to multiple cutting lines with 1 slitter feeding multiple contour saws via conveyorization.

The base system consists of: HTX [Horizontal Slitter], SRS [Sheet Removal System], Scissor Lift Conveyor, Staging Conveyor, VPX [Vertical CNC Blade Contour Saw], Unload Conveyor.

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Line Equipment

Line Equipment

ESCO offers a range of trimmers, crushers, and cut-off saws that can operate as stand-alone machines or may be included as part of an automated slabstock or bun trimming line.

Using ESCO's portfolio of standard machinery and conveyors as a starting point, customers in conjunction with ESCO Sales Engineers can configure automated cutting lines to meet almost any demand. From sheet removal systems to blocking saws and traveling head cutoff saws.

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Automated Cutting Line

Automated Cutting System

Cutting Line Equipment

Cutting Line Machinery

Cutting Machinery

Foam Fabrication Machinery

ESCODraw Software

ESCODraw Software Solutions

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