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Used Machinery

Buy Back

Do you have an ESCO machine you are no longer using?

We offer fair terms on purchasing used ESCO machinery that meets our buy back requirements. Contact one of our sales engineers today to see what we can do for your business.


Love your ESCO machine but feel like you are ready to upgrade your equipment?

Consider trading in your old equipment for a credit towards new machinery for your business. Contact one of our sales engineers today to see how upgrading old equipment can benefit you.


"New machinery isn't in the budget" Is something we hear frequently.

Buying reconditioned machinery is more and more common these days. Take a look at our current used inventory or contact one of our sales engineers to see if they can find you the used equipment you need.


ESCO buys back it’s own used foam cutting and polyurethane dispensing machines. Upon purchase of used equipment, ESCO subjects machinery to a comprehensive inspection to identify any issues that may need addressing. Assemblies and components that do not meet our quality standards are replaced or upgraded with the most recent equivalent version and software updated before the machines are ready for purchase.


Interested in purchasing a reconditioned ESCO machine? We can help with that.

The table below has our current inventory of available used ESCO machinery. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact our sales engineers using the form below and let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find the best reconditioned ESCO machine available.

As with purchasing a new ESCO machine, our ESCO-Certified Reconditioned machinery comes with a 1-year conditional warranty on all electronics and drive systems. Preventative maintenance packages also available to help insure the accuracy and life of your machine are maintained to our standards.


You love your current ESCO machine, it's just getting a little... old. We understand that as well and would love to help put you into new ESCO technology.

Contact one of our ESCO Sales Engineers using the form below with the details of the ESCO machine you are interested in trading-in towards new equipment. Once we have recieved your information our team will determine a fair trade-in value that we can credit towards a purchase of new ESCO Machinery.

Once terms are accepted by both parties and used machine is shipped to ESCO for final inspection, a PO will be generated for your new machine and you will recieve your new equipment in as little as 16 weeks.

It's as simple as that. Upgrade your production capabilities, upgrade your technology, upgrade your business!


Used ESCO machinery available at affordable prices.

Generally, the price differentiation ranges from 30-70%, depending on the quality, and condition of the used equipment. This would translate to huge savings over lifetime of machinery.

Every new piece of equipment depreciates with time. In the first year, the depreciation is usually 20-40% depending on the usage. You can easily avoid this major depreciation by buying an ESCO-Certified quality used machine.

Is there equipment I should be updating?

Is there equipment that has more technology that I need?

Do I have equipment out of warranty that will add to my downtime or repair costs?

Many times for the fabricator, these factors will motivate decisions to upgrade equipment even if they are concerned about price. Do your homework ahead of time, ask yourself these questions and then speak to your ESCO sales engineer to really find out what the right options are for you.


For eligible clients, ESCO has the unique ability to help finance new equipment purchases through our established network of lenders.

Apply for financing [LINK].



Used Inventory
Model Year Built Description Project-# VAC Width Length Height Notes:
RSS-C-60 2007 60" Convoluter P-5745 460V 3Phase 60Hz 60" N/A N/A Skiving Rollers ONLY


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