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Find this tag first

This is your machine identification tag.

Every ESCO machine has an ID tag located on the main control cabinet.

We keep extensive records on every machine we've ever manufactured for the last 130 years. Knowing the Model + Project Number of your equipment will help us to determine the exact replacement parts needed for your machine. Especially in the case of machinery that has been customized at time of ordering.

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ESCO offers spare parts, repairs, and full warranty for all of its equipment. Additionally, the company has a wide variety of blades and saws to choose from.

ESCO’s parts technicians will be more than happy to discuss detailed part information with you including pictures, drawings, and specifications. They can also expertly trouble shoot issues, provide additional research for parts, and quickly ship parts in an emergency. Lastly, our technicians handle blade + wire orders, and can answer questions pertaining to the machines’ stripper guide, or queries from the owner’s manual.


Utilizing the form below is our preffered method of contact for ordering parts, as it requires all of the information needed to succesfully assist you in your ordering process.

Emergency Contact

We understand that unexpected events can occur that require immediate assistance.

If it's something that your in-house maintenance can handle, whereas you just need the replacement parts to finish the job.
Please feel free to contact our Parts Department directly by phone at: 1-616-453-5458 Ext. 800 or by e-mail through the Contact form below.

If the issue is more serious and may require an ESCO Service Technicians assistance. Please visit the Service section of our site for further assistance.

Need Parts Now?

Try our digital storefront for parts that are in-stock, ready to ship.

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Spare parts are for clients who need specific parts that wouldn't be covered in our standard wear + tear parts kits.

Need a replacement drive, new carousel vacuum table or someone to help expertly trouble shoot issues?

We can help with that!

ESCO’s parts technicians will be more than happy to discuss detailed part information with you including pictures, drawings, and specifications. Please use the contact form below and one of our qualified parts technicians will contact you promptly.


    ESCO Parts Kits are specific to each machine we manufacture. Parts Kits include parts that are commonly replaced due to wear + tear from daily operation.

    We've made ordering replacement parts kits as simple as possible for our clients.

    By keeping parts kits in-stock for our most popular machines, we can ship your kit the same day an order is placed. All we need from you is your machine model number and project number that are found on the silver ESCO tag mounted to the main control cabinet, we'll do the rest!

    Available Parts Kits [COMING SOON]

    CNC Blade Contour
    Model Details
    VPX 50-88
    VP 50-88
    VPX 36-60
    CNC Wire Contour
    Model Details
    VPW [ALL]
    DPW [ALL]
    Horizontal Slitters
    Model Details
    HT 51-88
    HTX 51-88
    Model 10
    Automatic Vertical Band Saws
    Model Details
    Model AV [ALL]

Because the majority of our machinery is custom-engineered to some extent, all of our Owner's Manuals are specific to the model number of your machine.

To send out another Owner's Manual, all we require from you is; The model + job number of your machine. Both can be found on the silver Edge-Sweets Company tag that is typically mounted to the main control cabinet.

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