Horizontal ProfileMatic III Vertical Wire Saw

Featured Product: ESCO's ProfileMatic III

Esco’s ProfileMatic III CNC profile saw is the third generation of ESCO highly popular and successful line abrasive wire contour cutting machines. Utilizing precision gearboxes and either Allen Bradley or Siemens servos and drives Esco’s Profilematic III is able to process both rigid and flexible polyurethanes with efficiency, accuracy and precision.

ECD Basic Series

ECD Basic Series Dispenser

The ESCO ECD Basic Series of metering and dispensing machines is ideal for start-ups or those companies currently using the 'stick and bucket' method that find themselves ready to move to the next level. It offers a cost-effective solution for start-up polyurethane processors and job shops.The series touts a simple, compact design. And all presented by an industry expert at an attractive price.

Foamglas Cutting

Foamglas Pipe Insulation
Cutting Tips and Tricks

Learn about Foamglas. What it is, why it's so popular, and how to cut it. This article specifically focuses on cutting pipe insulation out of Foamglas and the inherent difficulties that go along with it.

Foam crusher with guarding

Updated Foam Crusher

Our foam crusher's design is updated and will crush the toughest bun with 20,000 lbs of force. It will take a 60” high block and compress it to just 4 inches!! Order with quality-built guarding for a complete package.

Abrasive Foam Wire Cutter

Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Abrasive Wire Foam Cutter

What's the difference between hot wire cutters and abrasive wire cutters when it comes to foam? Which one should you use? Check out our comparison of hot wire foam cutters to abrasive wire foam cutters!

PU-RIM High Pressure Dispenser

PU-RIM High Pressure Dispenser

PU-RIM.com sells the highest quality and economical high pressure RIM mixing heads. Our RIM mixing heads have been developed over the course of 20 years of mixing head and polyurethane plant engineering field experience. PU-RIM.com is owned by Esco Group, Inc., the mixing heads and other products offered on our site are engineered and produced in South Korea by UreaTac, LTD.



Cutting Tips

Foam Crusher

Hot Wire Vs.
Abrasive Wire


Facts about Foam

What is Foam?

Foam (polyurethane foam) is made of up molecular chains bound together by urethane. How the foam is made will change certain properties of the foam, such as density or rigidness. Most often polyurethane is dispensed into blocks that are cooled and then are cut and shipped to a manufacturer so that they may cut their final products out of it.

Where is Foam used?

There are many different types of foam, and therefore are seen in many different applications. You might be sitting on foam right now, if you’re in an office chair or on a couch. You might sleep on foam at night if you’ve purchased a memory foam mattress or topper. Your package in the mail probably came packed in some sort of foam (commonly Styrofoam peanuts, but more fragile packages will be packed with more solid foam). Foam fingers, foam RC Planes, foam band aids, gel inserts, furniture, car parts, and insulation materials are just some of the thousands of products that are made from foam.

How does the density of foam effect the result?

Foam density is the referring to the weight of the foam. The density is typically measured by weighing a 12” square cube of foam in pounds per cubic foot. As you may imagine, higher density foams are typically of better quality and will be more resilient, and therefore last longer and not sag. Higher density foam is typically more difficult to cut on foam saws.

What is ILD?

ILD stands for “Indention Load Deflection” and is a common term used to describe the firmness of a foam. The resulting number is the measure of how many pounds per cubic feet it takes to compress a sample of foam by 25%. Different ILDs have different applications depending on what you’re using it for.

What is a CNC Foam Cutting machine?

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a foam saw that is guided by a logic computer. This computer aids in the process of cutting by allowing you to specify certain points you want to cut at and having the logic computer move the saw the appropriate distance. Commonly, a CNC operated foam cutting machine also includes some sort of drawing software, referred to as CAD (Computer-Aided Drawing) or CAM (Computer-Aided Machining) software. This allows the user to easily draw what part they want, and have the logic computer on the foam cutting saw decipher it.

Is foam fire retardant?

Not all foam is fire retardant. Certain types of foam, such as Foamglas®, are fire retardant simply because of what they’re made of and their properties when mixed. Other foams, although not initially fire retardant, have applications in which they are required by law to be compliant with certain fire codes.

American Chemistry Council Polyurethane Foam Association Polyurethane Manufacturers Association International Sleep Products Association

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