VPW - Vertical ProfileMatic Wire Saw

  • Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Foam Wire Saw
  • Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Foam Wire Saw
  • Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Foam Wire Saw
  • Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Foam Wire Saw
  • Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Foam Wire Saw
  • Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Foam Wire Saw

VPW Specifications [Downloadable PDF]

VPW - Vertical ProfileMatic Wire Foam Saw

ESCO’s VPW (short for Vertical ProfileMatic Wire) is a high speed vertical contour cutting foam saw that utilizes an abrasive cutting wire. This vertical profile cutter is able cut a wide range of materials including flexible and rigid polyurethanes, expanded polystyrene (EPS) as well as non-woven fiber products. Shop dust is kept to a minimum due to gravity, the downward cutting action and extreme speed of the cutting wire.

Cutting Non-Woven Fiber Products

ESCO’s VPW vertical CNC contour saw excels at processing large volumes of non-woven fibers. Furniture fabricators are able to cut stacks of sheets up to 900mm tall (36”).

The main benefits to using a cutting wire over a blade for processing non-woven fiber products are simplicity of the machinery, less maintenance and the cost of the machinery. Using a blade to process non-woven requires a very sharp blade and a blade sharpening system to maintain the edge. Additionally, the cost of the components of a blade contour machine used to manage turning the blade are quite costly. A blade profile machines can cost 50% (or more) than an abrasive wire cutting machine, require more finesse to operate and more care to maintain.

The cons of a wire contour machine versus a blade machine are the cut quality and maximum cutting speeds. For most fabricators the cut quality issue is negligible as the cut shapes of fiber are typically glued to foam and covered with fabrics. Speed is rarely an issue as the VPW is able to keep more than one operator busy unloading while the machine is processing near full speed.

Industries utilizing the VPW

  • Furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Sleep / Mattress
  • Marine

Commonly Processed Materials

  • Flexible Polyurethanes
  • High Resilience Foams (HR Foam)
  • Non-woven Fibers
  • Cellulose Foams
  • Flexible Foam
  • Crosslinked PU
  • EPS
  • Rigid PU Foams

VPW Features


  • PC based operator terminal
  • Industrial handheld remote control
  • Air-conditioned main control panel
  • Siemens CNC Motion Controls
  • ESCODraw Standard


  • Dust collection system
  • Air-conditioned PC Terminal
  • ESCODraw PRO - Includes advanced nesting software and cut path generator
  • Dust Collection System
  • Nesting Display System - Large format display for use with unloading complex multipart nested layouts


  • PLC control with PC interface
  • Controls are mounted on a freestanding pedestal


  • Input voltage 380-500VAC/3phase/50-60hz
  • Clean, dry compressed air


VPW Model Specifications
VPW 36-55 VPW 36-88 VPW 50-88
Cutting Height 36" [914mm] 36" [914mm] 50" [1270mm]
Cutting Width 55" [1397mm] 88" [2235mm] 88" [2235mm]
Max Cutting Speed 75 ft/min [23 m/min] 75 ft/min [23 m/min] 75 ft/min [23 m/min]
Floor Space Required:
Width 204" [5182mm] 276" [7010mm] 276" [7010mm]
Length 270" [6858mm] 270" [6858mm] 270" [6858mm]
Height [Max] 90" [2286mm] 90" [2286mm] 110" [2794mm]
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