Horizontal Slitter Specifications

The HTX line of slitters are high speed, high tension and high precision slitting machines capable of accurately converting a wide range of PU foam blocks into sheets. Industries commonly serviced by the HTX slitters are: bedding, furniture, upholstery, automotive and packaging.

VBA (Vacuum Belt Assembly)
PVT (Power Vacuum Table)
Blade Guide Tension Assembly
Hydraulic tensioning system pulls 18,000lbs (8100kg) of tension on blade guide
Blade Tilt
Power tilt assembly 1°-5°. Tilting is programmable for forward and return movement
Horizontal Movement
Servo powered conveyor movement up to 300 ft/min (90 m/min) in either direction
Servo driven with rack & pinion drive for table movement up to 300 ft/min (90 m/min) in either direction
Max Cutting Length
11’ (3.35m) Cutting Length, Conveyor Length 22’ (6.7m)
11’ (3.35m)
Table Height from Floor
24" (60.96cm)
Table Surface
Perforated PVC belt
Composite aluminum table top with high pressure laminate facing
Vacuum Hold Down
4 zone vacuum hold with independent AC drives for control of each zone
Airlift Assembly*
Optional airlift assembly for assisted block positioning
Range of blades may be used including serrated, saw tooth, and knife; standard is 1¼" (3.18cm) wide and 0.02" (0.05cm) thick
Blade Wheels
14" (355mm) Diameter blade wheels with urethane elastomer surface
Blade Motor
10 HP blade motor powered by an AC drive. Blade runs at no load speed of 3600 ft/min (1097.3m/min)
Heavy Duty Blade Guide
Teflon coated heavy duty blade guide 0.188” (.478cm) x 2.50” (6.35cm) wide
Hydraulic tensioned to 18,000lbs (8100kg)
Blade Sharpener*
Optional blade sharpening system is recommended for use with knife blades. Sharpener is equipped with long life CBN sharpening wheels and is pneumatically actuated. Hand knob adjustment for fine tuning upper and lower sharpening wheels
Automated Silicone Application System*
Optional silicone dispensing system coats both the top and bottom of the blade guide assembly to reduce friction between the guide, cut sheets, and the block of material
PLC control with PC interface
Control Panel Air Conditioner
Air conditioner to cool critical electrical components
Safety Package and Electrical Standards
Built to CE standards
Operator Console
Controls are mounted on freestanding pedestal. User friendly touch-screen interface. Joystick for manually jogging the cutting head and block
Utilizes 480V, three-phase power and may be supplied for 50 or 60Hz operation
Shipping Weight
9,800lbs (4,450kg)
7,000lbs (3,175kg)

Machine Sizes
HTX 51-88 PVT Or HTX 51-88 VBA
HTX 60-88 PVT Or HTX 60-88 VBA
HTX 51-96 PVT Or HTX 51-96 VBA
HTX 60-96 PVT Or HTX 60-96 VBA
Cutting Height
51” (1295mm)
60" (1524mm)
51” (1295mm)
60” (1524mm)
Cutting Width
88” (2235mm)
88” (2235mm)
96” (2438mm)
96” (2438mm)
Cutting Length
132” (3350mm)
132” (3350mm)
132” (3350mm)
132” (3350mm)
Floor Space Required:
160” (4064mm)
160” (4064mm)
167” (4241mm)
167” (4241mm)
324” (8230mm)
324” (8230mm)
324” (8230mm)
324” (8230mm)
Height (max)
155” (3937mm)
173” (4394mm)
155” (3937mm)
173” (4394mm)

*indicates an optional feature

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