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Vertical ProfileMatic

The VCNC Vertical ProfileMatic is the second machine in ESCO's new line of high speed contour cutting machines. The Vertical ProfileMatic is similar in design to ESCO's Vertical Profiler but is scaled down to provide a competitively priced, high speed alternative.

The Vertical ProfileMatic employs an abrasive fast-cutting wire to facilitate cutting a wide range of materials including flexible and rigid polyurethanes and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Shop dust is kept to a minimum due to the downward cutting action of the blade and the highly effective dust collection port directly below the conveyor.

The Vertical ProfileMatic is also ideal for cutting fiber.
Here is a video: Vertical ProfileMatic Cutting Video

The Vertical ProfileMatic's split conveyor allows the wire blade to move across the two conveyors between two fully adjustable conveyor bridges. The Vertical ProfileMatic is the fastest abrasive wire machine on the market reaching actual cutting speeds of 70 ft/min (21.33 m/min).

Stack cutting is the name of the game for the Vertical ProfileMatic.

Say goodbye to those thousands of cardboard templates!

The Vertical ProfileMatic is a direct replacement for traditional hand cutting operations. One Vertical ProfileMatic can easily process as much material as several human operated hand cutters.

Quality control issues are minimized as the Vertical ProfileMatic knows only one way to process a profile; exactly as it's drawn!

The Vertical ProfileMatic has been released with ESCO’s new human machine interface software ESCO View. ESCO View is a well organized and easy to use machine control package that requires minimal training or computer experience. Just load a sheet of material onto the saw, select the layout to process and click the auto start button; ESCO View will handle the rest.

With ESCO Draw, ESCO's profile design and layout package, users can quickly and easily create layouts to run on the Vertical ProfileMatic.

ESCO Draw Pro features ESCO's exclusive Cut Path Generator (CPG) which allows users to automatically nest a layout and have CPG create the blade tool path automatically, saving many hours of CAD labor per week.

The Vertical ProfileMatic ships with a NEMA 12 industrial computer enclosure which houses a standard desktop computer and monitor. The enclosure can be placed on either side of the machine so the operator can load material from either end of the conveyor and multiple machines can be nested together to save valuable floor space.

The Vertical ProfileMatic is designed and built in the United States using state-of-the art 3D modeling technology. The machine components and serviceability was a key consideration when designing the Vertical ProfileMatic, this is evident as there is very little to service on the machine.

The Vertical ProfileMatic results in reduced labor costs, increased capacity and output volume, and improved logistics (JIT), all in line with today's lean manufacturing philosophies. The Vertical ProfileMatic is a solid investment for those companies seeking to elevate their competitive advantage.


  • Computer controlled, high precision, high speed machine
  • Conveyor transport for easy block handling
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • ESCO View, Edge-Sweets redesigned machine control software
  • On-screen tracking of blade progress during cut cycle
  • Powerful and easy to use design, nesting, and cutting software
  • Electronic eye for automatic block positioning and auto starting profiles
  • Advanced nesting software (Optional) for maximum block yield and minimal cutting time of multiple shapes
  • Supports import of most CAD files through dxf standard


  • Advanced nesting software
  • Control panel air conditioner
  • Wireless Remote Control


Max Block Height:
36" (914mm)
50" (1270mm)
Max Block Width:
55" (1397mm)
88" (2235mm)
Max Cutting Speed:
70 ft/min (21.33 m/min)
70 ft/min (21.33 m/min)

Advanced Profile Management (APM) Software

Click here to view the Esco Vertical Profilematic Video
Click here to view the Esco Vertical Profilematic Cutting Fiber Video

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