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Model 72 or 108 Peeler

The Peeler is designed to peel round logs of rebonded, molded or virgin polyurethane foam up to 60" (1524mm) diameter and 72" (1828mm) or 108" (2743mm) wide.

Head Assembly

  • The independent head assembly rides on precision ball screws.
    Thickness indexing is from 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/32 of an inch and 1/2" to 1" in 1/8 of an inch increments.
  • Quick-change gears give a direct, positive drive between the cutting blade and the material to achieve thickness desired.
  • Material is loaded on an easily changed mandrel that is dropped into place.
  • Mandrel log drive to assist in starting peeling.
  • Finished material is removed by unlocking two supports and rolling out.

Blades - Blade Motor - Guide - Sharpener

  • Blade wheels are 14" aluminum with elastomer tires.
  • A blade sharpener equipped with long life "Borazon™" grinding wheels allows a knife blade to be used.
  • Cutting speed varies from 0 to 150 fpm using a DC reduction motor powering the rewind rolls.
  • Blade motor is 5 HP and allows the blade to run at a no load speed of 3000 FPM (914m/min).
  • A standard Teflon coated blade guide 0.312" (8mm) thick x 3.125" (79mm) wide, die spring tensioned. The guide is supported by a parallel bar with clamps distributed uniformly along the length of the guide.
  • Adjustable carbide backers in the blade guide are standard.

Power Requirements

Utilizes 208/230/460 volts / 3 phase / 60 hertz.

Safety Package

Includes blade running light, blade break disconnect switch, operator guards, cabinet mounted emergency stop button, lockable disconnect switch and safety warning decals.

Optional Features

  • Boring unit for Model 72
  • Boring unit for Model 108
  • Serrated saber tooth blade
  • Metric gear set


72 "(1829mm)
108" (2743mm)
78 " (1981mm)
78" (1981mm)
90 " (2286mm)
90" (2286mm)
Floor Space Required:
144 "(3658mm)
180" (4572mm)
78 " (1981mm)
78" (1981mm)
90 " (2286mm)
90" (2286mm)
Shipping Weight will vary with options, range 4000 to 6000 pounds (1814-2722kg). Boring unit weight 1200 to 1600 lbs (544-726kg)

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