Model SF Stationary Cut-Off Saw

The ESCO Model SF is a bi-directional stationary saw used for cutting long polyurethane buns to a specified length. It is designed to be integrated into a conveyor line where the block is stopped and cut to length, then moved along by the following block.

Blade-Blade Guide -Wheels-Carriage Assembly

  • Powered by a 3/4 HP motor
  • Thickness of 0.02" (.5mm)
  • Width is 1/2" (12.7mm)
  • Serrated saber tooth blade
  • Teflon coated blade guide, quarter turned for straight passage through the foam
  • Sealed ball type bearings, urethane tire surface.
  • Blade carriage assembly has 1/2 HP motor through a chain drive, cutting in both directions. Maximum cutting speed up to 1 foot per second.
  • Cut-off speed of 60 FPM, 18 m/min.
  • Reverse gear head brake motor traverse

Bun Length

  • Indexing increments 4" (101.6mm)

Foam Supporting Conveyor

  • Conveyors can be quoted upon request.

Power Requirement

230/460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz


Cutting Height
40" (1016mm)
50" (1270mm)
60" (1524mm)
Cutting Width
to 90" (2286mm)
to 90" (2286mm)
to 90" (2286mm)
Cutting Length
4 to 100' (1.2m to 30m)
4 to 100' (1.2m to 30m)
4 to 100' (1.2m to 30m)
Floor Space Required:
Machine Height
138" (3350mm) x 44" (1117mm)
108" (2743 mm)
120" (3048mm)
128" (3251mm)
Shipping weight is 2000 to 3000 lbs depending on the model

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