Model G-50 Guillotine Cut-Off Saw image

Model G-50 Guillotine Cut-Off Saw

ESCO's Model G-50 Guillotine cut-off saw can be configured as a stationary model or as a flying cut-off to automatically cut pre-selected lengths from a continuous foam bun line. The traveling version of this saw utilizes a unique conveyor system which eliminates the need for gathering conveyors.

Blades - Blade Wheels

  • Blade thickness: 0.020" (0.5mm)
  • Width: 3/4"
  • Blade tension: Pneumatic
  • Blade type: Serrated saber tooth
  • Wheel diameter: 16” (406mm)
  • Tire surface – rubber
  • Ground and balanced
  • Bearings: sealed ball type
  • Material: aluminum.

Guillotine Head Assembly

  • Minimum total cycle time at full stroke: 5.25 sec.
  • Head support: guided on ball bushings
  • Traverse: variable frequency AC drive

Guillotine Bun Length (Traveling Version)

  • Indexing increments: 1"
  • Minimum length cut with high speed return: 15 FPM, 36" and 30 FPM, 72"

Guillotine Power Requirement

  • 1-1/2HP, 1750 RPM, 230/460 volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz

Optional Features

  • Blade sharpeners: Borazon wheels eliminate the need to dress grinding wheels. Driven via high-speed air motors to provide fast grinding with the ability to change bevels independently. Pneumatic actuators controlled by timers automatically pull in grinders for a set period of time on a programmed cycle.

  • Guillotine Specifications



    Cutting height

    50" (1270mm)

    Cutting width

    92" (2337mm)

    Optional height

    60" (1524mm)

    Floor Space Required:


    219" (5563mm)


    161" (4089mm)

    Height (max)

    104" (2642mm)

    Shipping weight is approximately 5600lbs (2540kg).

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