HT-51-88 PT HT-51-88 PT HT-51-88 PT HT-51-88 VBA

HT-51-88 Horizontal High Density Foam Saw

ESCO Model HT-51-88 is designed to cut polyurethane High Density foam blocks up to 51" (1295mm) high, 88" (2235mm) wide and 11' (3353mm) long. The maximum density of the material cut can be up to 6.0 lbs (96 kg/m3) with an IFD/ILD of 200 or less.

Head Assembly and Table

  • Independent head assembly rides on precision ball screws that are protected by flexible dust covers. The head assembly has a tilt range of 0-5 degrees of forward tilt.
  • Foam buns are transported through the saw by a powered table (shown) or a belt conveyor. Either version can be equipped with a vacuum to hold the material or Air Lift sections to assist in moving the bun. The vacuum and air lift are built into the conveyor assembly.
  • Table is driven by a 1 HP AC variable frequency speed controlled chain drive that is capable of moving the table at up to 150 FPM (46m/min) forward and 150 FPM (46m/min) variable or fixed reverse.
  • Table height is 33" from floor.

Blade - Blade Motor - Guide - Sharpener

  • The Model HT-51-88 is equipped with a 3/4" (19mm) x 0.020" (0.5mm) serrated blade supported by 16" (406mm) diameter wheels. The wheels have molded urethane elastomer tires.
  • An optional blade sharpener equipped with long life "Borazon™" grinding wheels allows a knife blade to be used.
  • Blade motor is 5 HP and allows the blade to run at a no load speed of 4100 FPM (1250mm/min).
  • Standard Teflon coated blade guide, 0.084" (2mm) thick x 3.125" (79mm) wide, die spring tensioned, is provided with each machine. A heavy duty Teflon coated blade guide 0.314" (8mm) thick x 3.125" (79mm) wide and/or blade guide stabilizer are optional.

Controls and Power Requirements

  • Touch screen operator controls are mounted on a freestanding podium connected by a flexible conduit so it can be positioned on either side of the machine.
  • The machine is equipped with a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) that allows control of the cut thickness in increments of .004" (.10mm) and has an indexing accuracy of +/- .015" (0.40mm). This is actual head movement based on encoder input. In the PLC program there are adjustments that allow compensation for mechanical tolerances and electrical timing that may change over time.
  • The PLC also allows for such added features as:

    • Batch cutting
    • Batch pausing
    • Set height command
  • Available electrics are 460v 3ph 60hz, 230v 3ph 60hz, or 208v 3ph 60hz. Contact ESCO for other electrics.

Safety Package

Includes blade running light, blade break disconnect switch, 110 V control circuit, operator guards, hinged blade guards with locking handles, podium mounted emergency stop button, table position locks for loading, lockable disconnect switch and safety warning decals are included.

Optional Features

  • Vacuum table, divided into four sections with independent control and 10 HP table mounted blower
  • Air lift assembly with vacuum table to assist in positioning material on table
  • Blade sharpener with long life "Borazon" grinding wheels, air positioned
  • Pneumatic blade tension
  • Hydraulic guide tension
  • Heavy duty blade guide .314" (8mm) thick, recommended for cutting material under 3/8" (10mm)
  • Blade guide stabilizer
  • Wedge guide bar assembly
  • Conveyor assembly 22' with four in table vacuums. Contact ESCO for longer lengths.


HT-51-88 PT

HT-51-88 VBA

Max cutting height

51” (1295mm)

51" (1295mm)

Max cutting width

88” (2235mm)

88" (2235mm)

Cutting length of table

132" (3350mm)

132" (3350mm)

Floor Space Required:


169" (4.3m)

160" (4.1m)
300" (7.6m)
324" (8.2m)

Height (max)

152" (3.9m)

152" (3.9m)

Shipping weight varies with options, 4500-6000 pounds (2040-2720kg)

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