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High Pressure Mixing

High Pressure Laboratory Scale Elastomer Equipment

  • Production mixing head ensures direct scale up to production
  • One gallon tanks
  • Output range: .2 to 20 lbs/min. with +/- 1% accuracy
  • Variable speed precision gear pumps for accuracy with independent variable ratio control between the components
  • Manual mixing head flush system wtih auto flush optional
  • Electric agitators
  • Electric heat
  • Batch degassing and solid melting capabilities for all components


  • Hot oil tracing of all wetted components eliminates all "cold spots"
  • Heating capabilities up to 300F. Independent temperature control of material components
  • Custom layouts and configurations including stainless steel wetted components
  • Operator interface for all critical process variables
  • Other tank sizes available are 1 or 2 quart or 2 gallon
  • System can be tailored to multiple streams and exact processing parameters
  • Computer control and data logging packages
  • Vacuum pump system
  • Higher output ranges to 40 lbs/min.

High Pressure Mix Heads

  • A self-cleaning, flushless RIM mix head with impingement mixing chamber and valving system allows circulation to the head.
  • The mix head is equipped with individual injection nozzles to adjust impingement pressure of each stream.
  • Servo valves are optional.

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