Custom Cutting Line Engineering

ESCO offers a range of trimmers, crushers, and cut-off saws that can operate as stand-alone machines or may be included as part of an automated slabstock or bun trimming line.

ESCO Engineering

Using ESCO's portfolio of standard machinery and conveyors as a starting point, customers in conjunction with ESCO Sales Engineers can configure automated cutting lines to meet almost any demand. From sheet removal systems to blocking saws and traveling head cutoff saws.

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Stationary Cut-off Saw with bi-directional cross-cut

SF - Stationary Cut-Off Saw

The ESCO Model SF Stationary Cut-Off Saw is a bi-directional cross-cut saw designed for use with a conveyor system as a stationary cut-off unit.

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Dual Head ProfileMatic - DPW

AF - Automatic Cut-Off Saw

The ESCO Model AF cross-cut saw is designed to automatically cut pre-selected lengths of flexible foam from the slab produced at the end of a slabstock machine.

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Side Trimmer and Subdivider

Model 90 - Side Trimmer and Subdivider

The ESCO Model 90 is a 2, 3, or 4 head machine designed to integrate into a conveyor line to trim the edges of foam buns or slab lines. The additional heads allow the user to subdivide the trimmed bun into narrower sections, making this an ideal machine for mattress, packaging, and furniture applications

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Automatic Block Saw (AVB)

AVB - Automatic Block Saw

One of our latest additions, our automatic blocking saw will turn your long slabstock foam into manageable buns.

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Heavy-Duty Foam Block Crusher

FC - Foam Crusher

The ESCO foam block crusher is a heavy-duty unit designed to break the cell structure of HR foam, thereby liberating gases and creating a more luxurious feeling foam without the odors emitted by trapped gases.

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Automatic Guillotine Cut-off Saw-->

G-50 - Foam Guillotine

The ESCO Guillotine cut-off saw can be configured as a stationary model or as a flying cut-off to automatically cut preselected lengths from a continuous foam bun line. The traveling version of this saw utilizes a unique conveyor system which eliminates the need for gathering conveyors.

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