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Model AVB

One of the newest additions to the ESCO family of foam cutting products, our automatic blocking saw will turn your long slabstock foam into manageable buns. It removes the outer skin and cuts the long slab into the desired widths and lengths. The blocking saw has a dual-edge continuous knife blade that is rotated 90 degrees for squaring the bun. The blade can cut in either direction for optimum cut path sequence. The blade passes through the bun before rotating to ensure a good square corner.

Head Assembly and Frame

Heavy duty wall structural channel reinforced wtih steel mechanical tubing weldment.

Blade - Blade Motor - Guide - Sharpener

  • Blade is 1/2" dual sided band knife
  • Blade motor is 5 HP
  • Blade sharpener is motor driven and is angle adjustable


  • Two 88" (2.2m) or 96" (2.4m) wide x 11' (3.4m) long PVC belt conveyors
  • Conveyor and cut speed up to 40m/min.

Safety Package

Blade running light, blade break disconnect switch, 110V control circuit, operator guards, hinged blade guards with locking handles, podium mounted emergency stop button, table position locks for loading and unloading, lockable disconnect switch and safety warning decals are included.

Controls and Power Requirement

480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz @ 45 amps.

Optional Features

  • Dust extraction for the sharpener
  • Air conditioner for the control panel
  • Wireless remote for blade to block positioning
  • Squaring station uses adjustable side rollers and gravity conveyor deck to position the slabstock for the blocking saw
  • Scalper with integrated vision system to detect the profile of the bun crown for removal
  • Lift and removal system which vacuum lifts the top skin and stacks it on a pallet for removal





Cutting height

51” (1.3m)

60" (1.5m)

Cutting width

88” (2.2m)

96" (2.4m)

Cutting length of table

110" (2.8m)

110" (2.8m)

Floor Space Required:


268" (6.8m)

276" (7.0m)
267" (6.8m)
267" (6.8m)

Height (max)

120" (3.0m)

130" (3.3m)

Shipping weight approximately 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg)

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