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F-3W Vertical Band Saw

The ESCO F-3W is an economical model designed for small vertical cutting operations and lab work. Great for IFD samples features include a tilting table. A cabinet or stand is also available.


  • Heavy duty with smooth plastic surface mounted on heavy wall tubing frame and tails. The table manually traverses.
    Height From mounting base to table top: 21.25 " (539.75mm). Tilt up to 45 degrees.

Blades - Blade Wheels

  • Blade thickness: 0.02" (0.5mm)
    Width: 3/8", 1/2", & 3/4"
    Speed: 2000 FPM (610 MPM)
    Type: Serrated saber tooth
  • Wheel diameter 12 ” (304.8mm)
  • Tire surface – Urethane
  • Ground and balanced with sealed aluminum ball bearings.

Fence Assembly

  • Manual adjustment, made from aluminum.
    Height from table: 1.5" (38.1mm) standard

Power Requirements

Motor 0.75 HP, RPM 1750, 115/230 volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz

Optional Features

  • Cabinet stand with two locking doors and toe brake casters. 50" long X 21" wide X 23.25" high. Weight 195 lbs.
  • Open stand with shelf. 50" long X 21" wide X 23.25" high. Weight 75 lbs.



Max cutting height

18 " (457.2mm)

Max cutting width

Blade to frame left side 30 " (762mm)
Blade to fence left side 24 " (609.6mm)
Blade to extreme right standard supported: 27 " (685.8mm)

Cutting length of table

24" (609.6mm)

Floor Space Required:


76" (1930mm)


58" 1473mm)

Height (max)

65" (1651mm)

Shipping Weight 500 lbs., without stand

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